Module Category: Modules with a central focus on Quality Improvement (QI)

16. Health Workforce Challenges and HIV Care Delivery

The goal of this module is for learners to recognize human resource challenges faced in delivering high quality care, at both clinical and systems levels, and to gain an awareness of ensuring the necessary skills to deliver high quality HIV care. This is exemplified through the vignette of a health care professional with absenteeism due…
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15. Traditional and Complementary Medicine and Pneumocystis Pneumonia

The goal of this session is to prepare learners to provide person-centered care for a patient with an opportunistic pneumonia who is interested in traditional & complementary medicine (T&CM). The module will model respectful communication and reflective practice.

13. Health System Building Blocks: Delivering High Quality Care to Patients with HIV

The goal of this module is to enable learners to better understand the building blocks of the health system and how they affect the care of the patient with HIV